The Eurodyssey Challenge

GRAHAM HUGHES is an award-winning filmmaker, island-winning survivalist and Guinness World Record breaking adventurer. He’s the only person to have visited EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD by just land and sea… and he has just embarked on his latest madcap adventure: visiting all 50 countries of Europe in 18 days… without flying.

That’s an 18 day test of endurance from Iceland to Cyprus via Russia, Scotland and Portugal using only trains, buses and ferries. Over 100 critical connections in a non-stop race which will stretch Graham’s proven capacity to travel night and day to its very limits. In doing this he hopes to set a brand new Guinness World Record™ and throw down the gauntlet for others who will undoubtedly follow, as well as helping to raise funds for UNHCR, the United Nations agency responsible for the well-being of the 65 million displaced people of the world.