#3Blokes In The Pub is the UK’s most popular anti-Brexit podcast, comprising of British adventurer Graham Hughes, trade expert Jason Hunter and a variety of experts in transport, education, law,  politics, customs, manufacturing, agriculture, policing, the NHS and beyond.

Thanks to the incredible support we’ve received, we’ve travelled to Geneva and Brussels, not to mention Brighton, Liverpool, Bath, Southampton, Dorset, Durham, Gibraltar, Malaga, Belfast and Dublin in our relentless quest to get the answers to the hard questions about Brexit.

We’ve produced more than 40 videos dealing with dozens of aspects of what leaving the EU with or without a deal will mean. Millions of people have watched, downloaded, listened to and shared the #3Blokes message.

Now we’re entering the endgame. With less than 3 months to go, we have to pile on the pressure for a #PeoplesVote and when we get it, we need to win it. And win it by a mile. We need your support to keep fighting, because every single day matters. This is no longer just to buy us a round of drinks, it’s to allow us to dedicate every moment we have left to ending the misery and chaos that #Brexit has caused.

Please give only what you can afford. Thank you.